Migrante Canada to coordinate GATES nationally

GABRIELA-Ontario wishes to announce that Migrante Canada will coordinate the GABRIELA Transitions Experiences Research nationwide, which has been made possible by our partnership with Ryerson and York university academicians Rupa Banerjee and Philip Kelly.

Hence, soon, GABRIELA-ON Education Officer Ethel Tungohan will be holding Vancouver and Calgary sessions, in coordination with Migrante organizations in BC and AB. We also look forward to sessions in Edmonton, to be conducted by GABRIELA-ON Chair Cynthia Palmaria.

Migrante Canada organizations unanimously approved this research at their latest congress, and has committed to support this participatory action research. It is the first of its kind not only because it is a nationwide survey-focus group research on women transitioning out of the LCP, but also because GABRIELA-ON members have been involved from its very conception, and will be engaged in every process, up to its outcomes.

We invite all eligible women to participate in this research!

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