Announcing the Gabriela Transitions Experiences Survey

The Gabriela Transitions Experiences Survey or GATES is a nation-wide research study that examines the settlement experiences of former Live-In Caregivers after they have attained permanent resident status in Canada . This study is spearheaded by GABRIELA Ontario in partnership with Ryerson University and York University. Other community collaborators include Community Alliance for Social Justice (CASJ), and MIGRANTE Canada. The project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

This study examines life after the Live-In Caregiver Program with a focus on employment, access to social and economic support services, and experiences of adaption and integration into Canadian society. Participants in this study will have the opportunity to share their experiences in a supportive environment by completing a survey and/or participating in a focus group discussion. The survey and focus group discussion sessions are currently being organized throughout the GTA in convenient locations such as churches and community centres, as well as at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. Data will also be collected in a number of other cities across Canada over the next several months: Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

This data will enable the researchers and community organizations to critically examine current policies, recommend policy changes, raise awareness, and advocate for the welfare of LCP immigrants and their families.

For more information on this study and to find out how you can participate, visit our facebook page: or email us at

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